Guest rooms

The hostel (standard rooms with shared bathroom)

Guest rooms

The hostel has 14 guest rooms and five apartments with 3 guest room each. Guests have a choice of 1-bed, 2-bed, 4-bed, or 5-bed rooms. Each dorm room has a sink with running hot and cold water.

Our rooms have distinctly natural decor, incorporating plenty of wood with a clear varnish finish. The beds are extremely comfortable, with special slatted frames and high-quality latex mattresses to guarantee a good, healthy night´s rest.

Our soft blankets and pillows are hypoallergenic.

Recreation room and kitchen

Our communal kitchen is equipped to suit any cook´s needs. The appliances include a stove with a ceramic glass cooking surface, a convection oven, a refrigerator with a freezer, and a dish-washer, all for common use. Naturally there are also pots, pans, bowls, dishes, cutlery, etc. and even spices at your disposal. You just have to come up with the remaining ingredients, obtainable at the sourrounding neighborhoods shops.

If you don´t feel like cooking, you can treat yourself to the excellent cuisine of the restaurant located right in our building: "Planwirtschaft" (basement and ground floor). Reservations can also be made for special events, family parties, etc.

Showers, toilets, and corridor

Showers and toilets are located along the corridor, directly across from from the guest rooms. The ratio of showers and toilets to guest rooms is 2 to 3.

The apartments (not all apartments have a kitchen!)

The apartments

Our apartments are located in the front building, just across the hostel. Alltogether we have 5 apartments, each with 3 rooms: 2 double rooms 1 living room with two bed settees or 1 room with 3 or 4 beds

Our apartments offer 6 to 8 beds, a bathroom with bath tub/shower and toilet; three of them also have a kitchen. You can either reserve a complete apartment including the kitchen or just a single room, a double room or a three or four bedded room.

Visit us and be convinced of the nice and comfortable facilities!

... the perfect accommodation for families, groups and individual travellers.

corridor, bathroom and kitchen

Corridor, bathroom and kitchen in our apartments.
Please note that not all of our apartments have a kitchen. But we have a shared kitchen available to all guests.

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Our hostel in Dresden with guestrooms and apartments.